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Still a good time to buy?

With the sales of new homes in the US rising to the highest it has been in 6 years, the Triangle area is no different. I was asked today if it is a buyer’s or seller’s market today.  I replied to my client – I think buyers are still looking for good deals and not willing to overpay, but sellers are seeing better offers.  I have seen more multi-offer on properties this year than I ever have in my career.  The market has definitely improved, but buyers are still out for a bargain.  Interest rates are still at historic lows and are maintaining for the time being.  I am encouraging my clients interested in making a move to buy or sell now and take advantage of the low rates.

Biggest Mistakes by Sellers

With the selling season getting into high gear, it is important to avoid some common mistakes!  This was published by ActiveRain today and I thought it warranted sharing for everyone is who is thinking of selling this year.

Remember!  Most importantly of all, do NOT overprice your home! Our market here in the Triangle is improving, but there are still a lot of savvy buyers out there that will not consider a home that is overpriced.

Wake County Schools Recognized As Some of the Strongest in the Nation

For families looking to relocate, the local school systems are one of the biggest considerations for potential home buyers. Wake County public schools have maintained a reputation for their dedication to quality education. They accomplish this through innovation, creativity, and passion in the classroom.


The Wake County public school system covers cities including but not limited to Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Rolesville, Wake Forest, and Holly Springs, North Carolina. Diversity is championed in the classroom and students from elementary to high school are encouraged to develop a well-rounded worldview.


Aside from academics, the Wake County school systems place incredible importance on extra curricular activities. The fine arts are encouraged from elementary school and specific practices such as music and photography are developed in upper level courses. The drama programs in Wake County schools are equally strong, having inspired many to study theatrical arts in college.


Sports are greatly supported by Wake County schools and receive widespread attention from the community. Wake County strategically attracts talented coaches and teachers to ensure that the sports teams receive the best training available. The rapid population growth of the local community has made these sports teams more competitive and has strengthened the overall might of the schools and their teams.


With over 9,000 teachers throughout the entire Wake County public school system, the teacher-to-student ratio ensures that all students receive personalized attention. This close interaction with teachers helps young students develop academically and personally.


In fact, many of the tutoring programs offered by the schools attract students aiming to improve specific skillsets – and teachers are passionate about providing help outside of the classroom.


The Wake County schools maintain a budget of $1.78 billion and continuously use new technology to enhance the learning process. With over 165 schools in the system, Wake County provides the resources and options necessary for academic and personal success.